Time To Reboot Your Leadership Vision?

Changing up our long time career direction is not something any of us take lightly.

After all, if we are happy with what we are doing and feel fulfilled, maybe there is no need to re-set our compasses. If you look back to the last time you performed a complete “check-up” on your leadership vision, what might you discover?

“I never executed a full evaluation of my leadership strategies.”

“I have no idea what my leadership vision is all about.”

“Who has time to pursue a leadership vision?”

“I am just fine at this point in my leadership. No need to topple this apple cart.”

There may be some truth to staying with a particular course and not shaking things up in order to find some new path to explore. Yet, when we ask ourselves if there is any area we have heard or read about that seems exciting, and the answer is yes, we know there is reason to dabble a bit further.

So what does it mean to have a leadership vision?

A leadership vision describes what we want our best future leadership to look like. It serves to keep us on track to achieve our compelling goals . Every decision and choice we make should fold into our leadership vision.

Here are some strategies to help you reboot your leadership vision:

Ask yourself: Who do you want to be?

A vision is future focused which means we are not there yet.

  • What do you want your ideal leadership to look like?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How would you describe your dream services or products?
  • Where do you want your leadership to take you?
  • A Leadership Vision is understanding your future direction.

    Create meaningful goals that stretch you

    Our leadership vision needs to stretch us and reflect our “big hairy goals”. This is the time to dream about areas that have fascinated us and we know will grow our career. The goals must also incorporate our core values such as our need to be with people, or our desire to be involved in cutting-edge research, or even our belief that being in a nurturing work environment cultivates our creativity.

    Develop a logo or picture of your leadership

    There’s nothing like an image to help us see our vision more clearly . The old adage- “a picture is worth a 1000 words” can clarify where we ideally want to head. Illustrations can often spark feelings within us and awaken deep-seeded ideas that we may have buried. Let the artist inside of you design a perfect picture.

    An image can help you describe your leadership vision.

    Bounce your ideas off a valued supporter

    It can be very informative to share your leadership vision with a person who knows our work and us. It has to be a trusted person who we go for advice and value their counsel. When we are open to another set of eyes and thinking, we can hear the feedback and pounce on it.

    Integrate your vision

    Once we decide on our leadership vision we need to incorporate it in every project and communication. To strive towards our vision we may also need to take a course or attain a new certification. Just keep your vision in front of you at all times to point you in the right direction.

    What other ways would help reboot your leadership vision?