Three Quick Tips To Increase Your Voicemail Callbacks

Tired of leaving tons of voicemails and not hearing back from anyone?

Incorporate these proven techniques and give yourself the best chance of hearing back from prospects:

#1: Use the “I need a little help, please…” technique. Everyone wants to be helpful, and by leading with this statement, you’ll at least peak someone’s interest, and get them to listen a little bit longer.

#2: Next, make sure and let them know you’ll be brief when they call you back. Most prospects don’t call you back because they don’t want to get caught in a lengthy “pitch,” and they certainly don’t have time to waste. By stating, in advance, that you’ll be brief, you’ll give yourself the best chance of having someone call you back.

#3: Finally, make it easy for your prospect to call you back. In other words, leave your phone number slowly, deliberately, and twice. Also, tell them your name again at the end as well.

Here’s a template voicemail that you can fit your product or service into:

“Hi {first name} (or if you don’t know the person you’re trying to reach, then just skip this and say):

“Hi, I need a little bit of help, please. My name is _______ ________ and my company is _________. Briefly, we provide XYZ. Could you take just a minute to return my call and point me in the right direction? I promise I won’t pitch you or try to sell you something; I just need to know the right person or department I should contact.

“My return phone number is—I’ll start with the area code—(919) 267-4202. (Say this SLOWLY). Once again, my number is (repeat number here), and my name is ________. Thank you in advance, and I’ll look forward to spending just a minute with you.”

Now, is this the guaranteed recipe for getting 100% of your voicemails returned? No! There isn’t one. BUT, by being transparent, polite, and promising not to waste someone’s time, you’ll be giving yourself the best opportunity to get those who might call you back, to go ahead and dial your number.

And I’ll bet that’s better than what’s happening now…

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