There Are Three Levels of Competitors; Where Are You?

During my career and even as a teenager, I studied successful people in sports and business. I noticed that there are three distinct levels of competitors. The top 20% thrive at the top every year, the middle pack of 60% usually stay in the middle of the pack and the bottom 20% never really change either. Each is in their comfort zone.Personally, I believe it depends on the 'thermostat' they have set in their mind. Some of us are competitive as heck and ALWAYS want to be in the lead pack....ALWAYS!!! We will work harder, smarter, more effectively and talk with other superstars to share and gain ideas. The middle 60% set a lower level on their thermostat. They are 'fine' where they are, make a decent living and might be working as hard as they always have. And if you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten.

If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten. - Neil WoodWhen I was a professional runner in the 1980s, I made a point of training with guys who were much faster than I was. I'd ask them about their training programs, mindset, pre-race preparation and anything else that made them faster and more successful than most competitive runners. I did the same thing when I was in mutual fund and annuity sales. I'd ask the top five wholesalers what they did to get to the top. In both cases, I learned that Superstars will always share ideas IF you ask them and pay attention. Thanks to the Superstars, I reached the Top 1% in both sports and sales.I'm definitely not trying to impress you, now that I'm retired. But I want to impress upon you that the 'recipe for success' is to learn from those who are more successful than you are. It's much easier to compete and improve these days, thanks to modern learning and sales enablement. Some things and people never change. If you aren't satisfied with your position in the 'pack' then you may want to ask the leaders what they are doing that puts them in the lead pack. Think of the sled dogs that compete in races like the Iditarod. The view never changes for the dogs behind the lead dogs. What view do you want?Related: 8 Reasons Why Women Are Excellent Clients … and Investors