They Look Great … but You Need To Let Them Walk


Does it really matter if you stray from your standard process to accommodate a potentially great client? What should you do when a prospect isn’t a perfect fit, but they could make a big difference to your bottom line? You stick to your process! If they don’t want to work your way, they were never a prospect for you. Move on.

  • Create a system comprising steps you know are necessary and communicate to prospects how you work and why you do it that way.
  • Stick with your process. If people don’t want to follow your system, this is an immediate red flag. Let them go.
  • Know your number. How many new clients do you want this year? If you don’t know this, you’ll fall for anyone who might be a reasonable client but will create headaches for you later on. If a prospect wants to do things their way, they were never going to be among the number of new clients you want to bring on board this year.

Keep up your search for those who will be a great fit for you and your business.

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