The Secret To Getting More Referrals (It’s Not What You Think)


Today’s topic is one of my all-time favorites: Referrals and Introductions.

In my almost three-decade career as a coach to advisors, I’ve seen every referral program out there. Most of them “kind of” work, but based on my experience there is a formula that truly does. Unfortunately, most advisors do not use it. 

In this episode, I talked about the following:

  • (05:18) Why most advisors think they don’t deserve referrals
  • (09:59) The problem with the evasive approach to asking for referrals
  • (13:23) Three different ways to create awareness
  • (17:53) What kind of events do advisors need to host within the year?
  • (21:13) What your commitment to your client should be

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