The Power of a Morning Success Ritual


Hello and welcome to the Magellan Network Show. Today, we’re going to start a new approach to our conversation where we’ll be more training-oriented. We’ll be doing a deep dive into some of the strategies that will make a massive difference in an advisor’s success.

And to kick off this new shift, I thought it'd be appropriate to talk about morning success rituals, which is what we call within our Magellan Network, the Magellan Morning Eight.

In this episode, I talked about:

  • (03:22) My first introduction to morning rituals
  • (05:39) The 8 things we need to do every morning to wire ourselves to be successful
  • (09:02) The difference between prompts and declarations
  • (12:18) How to handle one act of gratitude each morning
  • (14:55) The most important hour of my day

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