The Most Profitable Client Niches


Today, you will gain insight into some of the most “Profitable Niche Markets” available for you to serve.

In addition, you will learn:

  • The most profitable client niches
  • Target markets for advisors, coaches, and consultants who have significant income instead of assets
  • The one niche market that falls into an income and a net worth market
  • Which mistakes are the most common when you choose a niche market
  • The perfect niche market for expressive personalities
  • Tapping into corporate officers and the key executive market
  • One of the newest niche markets that can generate multi-million dollar revenue
  • The high profile niche that often makes millions, spends millions, and ends up broke
  • The best affluent niche markets
  • The ideal client avatar that often has little income but ultimately accumulates a multi-million-dollar net worth (a favorite niche of mine)
  • A sample of business owner niches that are profitable and do not have a lot of competition
  • Where the medical and healthcare professionals fall in the niche market category
  • The various sub niche markets within the medical and health care profession
  • The spectrum of the female market and where to find the most profitable groups
  • Understanding the different types of wealthy women
  • The various money-in-motion niche markets
  • The pros and cons of windfall niche markets and which ones can be problematic
  • A free resource to help you attract more profitable clients so you can stop chasing your prospect
  • Why developing a niche community is so important to your business growth and success
  • How to leverage referrals through a niche market
  • How to choose an ideal niche market

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