The Most Important Task To Achieve Your Goals in 2021


For the last three weeks, we’ve been talking about an effective process for you to reach your goals. Today, we’re going to talk about the final step, where the rubber meets the road.

This week is the most important piece of this goal-setting and achieving process. It’s where the rubber meets the road, where you get to decide on the priorities and then program them into your schedule.

You’ll see we’ve worked through the Distraction-Proof Pathway worksheet. We’ve transcribed our TARGET Goals on the left hand column. We jumped across to list the Benefits and Results we want to experience—the why of what we’re doing.

By the end of last week we identified what we want to achieve and what we want to feel or enjoy when we have completed those achievements. Now, come back to that middle column on the Distraction-Proof Pathway Worksheet, the Goal-Reaching Priorities column, and put down what has to be done now to make those other two columns add up. We know what we want (TARGET Goals). We know how we’ll feel when we get it (Benefits and Results). Now, simply, what have we got to do to achieve it?

This is the critical point that you need to now program into your schedule. These are the priorities that you’re saying must get done in order to make those other two pieces (your TARGET Goals and your Benefits and Results) a reality. Successfully reaching your goals and experiencing the benefits of achieving those goals are the reasons you are setting these priorities. So, what do these priorities look like, and most importantly, how are you going to ensure they get done?

You need to schedule these priorities into your weekly calendar so you know what steps you need to take day, by day, by day. Don’t just fit them around engagements. Set your other engagements around these steps so you make sure these activities remain your top priorities. These are the things that must take place.


  1. To do this most successfully, set your priorities in place. Go to that middle column on the Distraction-Proof Pathway worksheet and list them.
  2. Program these priority activities into your calendar. These are the non-negotiables. These are the actions and activities that you’ve just got to do.
  3. Review them and do them, knowing that when you complete these consistently, you will have earned the right to expect success. We know from last year that there are no guarantees regarding exactly what we’re going to face, but you do want to earn the right to expect success.

Set those TARGET Goals, jump to the third column and imagine how you’re going to feel upon achieving them. Then, simply put down what you have to do to achieve them.

I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea next week.

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