The Best Ways to Lift Your Spirit Is to Help Others First

Anyone working either as an entrepreneur or on the job will sometimes feel that life seems too serious and is in need of a remedy. The pressure we put on ourselves, in addition to that of partners, management, and employers, will add considerable stress. My favorite remedy is to call a good friend who understands the situation and can provide good suggestions. With nearby friends, arrange to meet on occasion for lunch or coffee to have a friendly chat.

By the time the conversation is over, you will most likely walk away feeling a whole lot better and possibly have new ideas in mind.

One special friend, Janelle, resides on the opposite coast and so it’s not feasible to get together for lunch. On the other hand, when one of us is taking life too seriously, we reach out to the other to cheer us up. Our goal is to hear each other out and then provide a different perspective on what’s taking place. In fact, not only did Janelle cheer me up, but she created a sound bite in the form of lyrics to get my creative mind back at work.

By the time the two of us were back to laughing again, Janelle told me about her latest idea, and she wants me to participate. I couldn’t come up with a single reason to say ‘no, ’ and so I gave her an emphatic ‘Yes!’ We are each researching multiple possibilities to come up with a feasible plan for the two of us. The conversations and the research have pumped both of us with enthusiasm and motivation to continue moving forward and do so together.

In the meantime, I reviewed all of my work in progress to determine which will best complement what Janelle and I have in mind. Writing is at the top of the list while the extras that I do not find so intriguing will be eliminated. For further insight on the elimination process read a previous blog, “Do You See the Forest Through the Trees?”

The grass always appears to be greener for those employed and those who are entrepreneurs. We question, “what were we thinking?” The idea of a salary sounds good until we remember the stress of previous jobs. And consideration of working for oneself sounds great to the employed until realization hits of all the learning that is necessary while attempting to make a living.

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It’s wise to prepare for the event when extra stress may be yours. Who comprises your close circle of friends or confidantes? If you currently do not have a couple of trusted peers to turn to, then it’s time to consider joining a group of keen interest to find like-minded people. Nurturing relationships is the best way to continue on your journey and eliminate the thought of giving up.

An alternative is to research the communities nearby where you may donate your expertise. One of the best ways to lift your spirit is to help others first. And when you see your work being beneficial, you feel the special reward of appreciation by those you serve. And all the while, you build an admired personal brand.

Sales Tips

  • Seek out a group of like-minded individuals.
  • Develop close ties with a few.
  • Freely exchange ideas with those you trust and admire.
  • Consider new ideas expressed as possible joint ventures.
  • Be open to collaborative projects.
  • Be a reliable partner to lend support when needed.
  • Offer your expertise to communities in need.
  • Feel and give appreciation.
  • Use your experiences to create additional services.
  • Celebrate Success!