The Best Leadership Mantra Ever: “I'm Here For You"

These past few weeks I have been working with a vendor to set up an online assessment for one of my clients.

Although I have administered this assessment for a long time I never dealt with this vendor. I was uneasy at first to connect with a new supplier, but kept marching forward to see how this new relationship and process would play out.

As I delved deeper to learn the new system and see if it would work effectively for my client and myself, my anxiety began to grow. Every roadblock I hit I would contact the vendor with all my questions and errors. At one point I was calling them every day as new issues cropped up and I would forget the lessons they shared previously with me.

I would begin each phone call the same way:

“It’s me! I can’t believe I am having trouble with another part of the system. I am sorry to keep bothering you.”

And then the woman I was working with would respond the same way each time:

“ I am here for you.”

Wow! When I would hear those words, I no longer felt like I was bothering someone or that I was unable to learn all the nuances of the new system. I felt like a valued customer who was experiencing the normal ups and downs of a learning curve. The woman kept me calm and never made me feel that I was taking time away from her busy day. “She was there for me.”

How can we create a leadership mantra- “I’m here for you”?


Showing our customers, co-workers, collaborators and even our bosses gratitude goes a far way. Don’t assume the people we work with know how much we value their support and contributions. Through words and actions, make sure to acknowledge your thanks for having them in your life.

“I’m here for you.”


Not everyone masters a process or skills in the same way or in the same timeframe. When we are training someone in an area that we have an expertise, make sure to go at their pace, not yours. The woman I dealt with must have gone through the steps she taught me a million times. Yet, she made me feel that I was not “slow” or not capable.

“I’m here for you.”


Although we may think we know a person’s abilities, we owe it to listen carefully for what they need.

  • Don’t interrupt others while they are explaining their concerns
  • Don’t judge if they have a challenge that you think is simple
  • Ask helpful questions to understand how you can best provide assistance
  • Never make others feel they are not important
  • “I’m here for you.”



    Empowering others to feel successful is what leaders do. Words of encouragement when people master a skill or technique can propel them further. Be head of their fan club and cheer them on.

    “I’m here for you.”


    The surest way to cultivate loyal customers and team members is to help them find solutions. A great way to do this is to brainstorm possible approaches or resolutions. When I approached my vendor about what kinds of reports my client needed, she walked me through my choices and together we came up with just the right ones.