The Best Approach for Your Pandemic Holiday Greeting

2020 has truly been a year like no other. Since the COVID-19 pandemic became a reality almost 10 months ago, we have had to rethink how we do practically everything from how we shop and socialize to how we do business. And even as most of us have become reasonably comfortable with zoom meetings and face-time chats, the isolation and the prospect of a lonely holiday looms large for all – including your clients.

So, when social distancing and lockdowns mean client lunches and parties are out, what can you do to stay connected and show your clients how much you value them – especially now when your holiday greeting can be charged with plenty of emotion?

First and foremost, make anything you do genuine – that precludes mass holiday greeting emails or even physical cards with rubber stamped signatures.

Take the time to really review your book – note what is unique about each client.  If you’ve been listening, you’ll know something specific about each one and it won’t be too difficult to reach out in a personal way. The key here is that whatever you do it must be specific to that client.

Of course, if you have a huge book, it might be more difficult so you might want to divide clients into smaller groups – your top 10, or divorced women, or business owners – whatever makes sense for your clients. This way you can better gauge what to do with/for each group. While it may be unrealistic to do something individually for everyone – you can add a personal note for each one – even if you’re sending a card or ecard.

Another approach is, in lieu of gifts, you can recognize the many social hardships the Pandemic has created, and make a donation to a charity in your clients’ name – most are quite receptive to the idea – just make absolutely sure you address something in line with the client’s personal preferences. For example: if you know Bob and Mary support the arts, donate to charity in support of artists out of work. If someone lost a relative to cancer – consider a donation to a cancer hospital.  

But don’t be afraid to uphold traditions either – especially now, a small nod to normalcy could mean a lot. If you’ve traditionally treated some of you clients to lunch – suggest a Zoom lunch – schedule a date and have a lunch delivered to their home – you can join them online for a drink. Or if you’ve sent a gift in the past – by all means continue to do so – if you can do it safely. You can add even greater value by supporting a local small business. Think creatively – do you have clients with businesses and/or services you can help by purchasing from them?

The bottom line is that the holiday season is a particularly good opportunity to cement your relationship with all your clients.

On a final note, remember that not everyone celebrates a traditional Christmas. Your clients deserve the extra effort it takes to treat them with respect as individuals. Knowing enough about them to know what holiday they celebrate is one way of showing you care whether the client celebrates Divali, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa or Christmas.

It’s not too late to make a great impression even in this oddest of years. Do it right, and you can be the one to stand out and start the new year on the right foot.

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