Tailoring Financial Advice With Precision

Legacy Planning Advisors tapped into the resources of DNA Behavior to craft highly personalized financial experiences for their clients.

Like many businesses, financial advisement firms are feeling a great deal of pressure as parts of their business are becoming commoditized. So, they have more incentive than ever to differentiate themselves by something other than their selection of service options and the associated costs. Legacy Planning Advisors stepped up their game early in an effort to transcend the commodity mindset and provide more value to their clients. In this case study, we’ll look at the steps they took to give their clients a more personalized experience that truly differentiates them in the financial planning industry.

Adding Human Behavior to the Mix

It was over two decades ago when Legacy determined that they needed to intimately understand each team member and client so they could personalize a goals-based financial strategy. They wanted to be able to consider not only the ebb and flow of the markets, but also that of each client’s life challenges and changes. So, they sought out the tools of behavioral science offered by DNA Behavior. The firm then embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging Financial DNA to position themselves at the forefront of client-centric service.

"Financial DNA has been the foundation of our practice for over 20 years... it gave us the capability to be involved in our clients' lives in ways we never thought possible." - Jerry Black, Legacy Planning Advisors

Phased Implementation: First the Team, Then the Clients

Team: Legacy's strategic and methodical approach started in-house. They started with Business DNA to enhance their team's advisory skills and cultivate a strong workplace culture. This foundational step led to each team member achieving Financial DNA Certification, allowing for conversations and advice tailored to the client's individuality, including spirituality and life quality aspirations.

Clients: The client engagement process was then meticulously designed to maximize the value the firm could provide to each individual. New clients would interact with Financial DNA online prior to face-to-face meetings, while existing clients would re-engage with the platform during annual reviews. This approach ensured that each client's Financial DNA insights were an integral part of every interaction, whether in-person or over the phone.

Innovative Features at Play

Legacy took full advantage of the features that the DNA Behavior platform offers.

  • Style Match became integral, ensuring compatibility between clients and advisors.

  • Gene AI was another cornerstone, crafting customized coaching plans for clients.

  • Dynamic Dashboards were utilized to gain a holistic behavioral view of their practice, shaping both team and firm growth strategies.

Unlocking Communication and Key Insights

Legacy discovered that communication is not one-size-fits-all and that tailoring conversations to individual clients was paramount to their success. And the platform's insights into risk profiles, spending behaviors, and team hiring benchmarks also proved indispensable.

"The ability to customize our language and approach for each client has been a game-changer." - Jennifer Hester, Legacy Planning Advisors

Overcoming Integration Challenges

Integrating Business DNA with Financial DNA presented hurdles initially, but the consolidation into the new DNA Web App streamlined the process. Plus, the advanced tools of Gene AI simplified the process dramatically, as noted by Chris Cushman, a key project leader.

Revelations and Client-Centric Growth

During their transformative journey, Legacy learned that one of the most profound insights they gained was understanding that each client has a unique service preference. This was a realization made possible by Financial DNA. The increased depth of understanding has been crucial in guiding meaningful conversations and constructing effective financial plans for their clients.

Quantifiable Success

The incorporation of behavioral insights into their practice has resulted in a loyal, stable team that's been at the core of their operations for two decades. And their clients not only benefited financially, but they shared their positive experience with others at twice the rate as before.

  • Legacy has saved 600 hours annually.

  • The firm doubled their referral rate.

  • They saw a significant uptick in client decision-making value, quantified at 150 basis points per client. 

In Retrospect

As we at DNA Behavior reflect on Legacy's journey, we take pride in being part of their firm’s evolution. Their commitment to client-centric practices, underpinned by the precision of behavioral insights, sets a benchmark in the financial planning sphere. Our platform is more than a tool; it's a catalyst for transformation, as demonstrated by Legacy Planning Advisors’ thriving practice.

Enhancing client engagement and fostering enduring relationships is at the heart of what we enable businesses of all types to achieve. It's not just about the numbers; it's about understanding people and crafting experiences that resonate with every individual.

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