Success Benchmarking for Financial Advisors


We are approaching the end of 2023, and November typically marks the start of strategic planning for your personal and professional goals.

In my almost three decades of being a coach, I have established 21 different success benchmarks for financial advisors. In this episode, I’ve put together a mini-masterclass to walk you through a few of these benchmarks.  

My goal for today is to inform you why these benchmarks matter, how you can use them to improve yourself and to inspire you to join me in the Magellan Vision 10x 2024 Masterclass so we can work on a 10-year vision plan for yourself.

I also talked about the following:

  • (06:03) The value of having a written 10-year strategic plan
  • (06:28) Why it’s important to invest 10% of your capital and time back into yourself
  • (11:13) Why associations matter
  • (19:11) How your health influences your earning potential
  • (20:59) What I learned about success in this industry

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