Stop Working and Start Creating!

As you read the title of this blog, kindly take note that by “stop working,” I refer to abstaining from investing excessive effort in endeavors that hold minimal significance in the grand tapestry of life. Moreover, I want to emphasize that your unwavering dedication and long hours of hard work are what keep the lights on for the company. For this month, I propose a novel approach: channel your efforts towards crafting solutions that can yield a substantial positive impact. Carve out dedicated time for strategic thinking by refraining from low-productivity activities. Shift into a creative mode, and the benefits of adopting this approach are numerous; here are just a few:

  • Creativity makes you feel great.
  • Unleash your creativity and imagination to conceive innovative programs, systems, procedures, and techniques. Assemble a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your body of work; these endeavors will significantly bolster your chances of securing a well-deserved promotion.
  • Cultivate your personal brand as a thought partner, where people actively seek out your counsel and insights. Establish yourself as a valuable resource and watch as others come to you for guidance and collaboration.
  • Your attitude is one of being open, not closed. You welcome all problems/challenges/issues as pure opportunities for personal/business growth and development. 
  • You’re known as the “go to person.”
  •  You’re consistently in a state of contentment, because you own 100% accountability to be a “learner of things.” Every day you learn new words, concepts, principles, teachings, etc. This keeps you thriving, controlling your life’s experiences by gaining knowledge and turning it into wisdom. This wisdom will keep your family safe, secure, happy, healthy, and financially abundant.

Let’s delve into the art of cultivating a creative state of mind and unleashing the full power of your imagination. Together, we’ll explore techniques and strategies to unlock your creative potential and let your ideas soar.

  •  The foundation of creativity is “all creations begin with thought, and all experiences are learning experiences.”
  • Your mental focus, that you’re affirming every day, is “I love problems.”  I understand that all problems are pure opportunities, signals, signposts that are pointing me in the correct direction to find the solution.
  • I understand that the universe will never allow me to identify a problem, without the answer being available. One knows it’s there; you just have to make the invisible visible.
  • Carve out some time to strategically think. Sit down and write out the problem; read it, study it. Relax, sit back, and ask your subconscious to give you the answer. Sit in your chair, shut your eyes, and turn off the noise in your mind. Think of your mind as an empty amphitheater. In a remote corner, is a small radio. It’s all you hear. Now, find the radio and shut it off.
  • Stay quiet, keep your pen & paper in front of you. Capture any and all IRSA that might flash in your mind.
  • If nothing happens in your quiet strategic thinking time, wrap up your session and ask your subconscious to continue to work on resolving the problem.
  • Be awake, aware, and conscious of the NOW, to capture the answer when your subconscious will give it to you.
  • Walk around and be filled with gratitude knowing that the solution is already here and is helping your team, organization, and company. I promise the calendar will catch up to what is already alive inside of you.

The current need for creating innovative solutions within your company cannot be overstated. In today’s Corporate America, the scarcity of creative thinkers is evident. By adopting this approach as a permanent habit, you pave the way for a limitless future, propelling yourself towards success and making a profound impact on your organization.

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