Show off That Your Clients Love What You Do for Them This Holiday Season


This holiday season people are inevitably going to ask you how business has gone this year. This question provides an ideal opportunity for you to easily show off that your clients love what you do for them. Make sure you’re prepared with a great simple answer like this.

  • Be prepared. Write down what you want to answer and then practice saying it out loud.
  • Be consistent. Don’t try to put a new spin on it every conversation.
  • Say it in a natural, conversational way.

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There’s one question you know you’re going to get asked at this time of year. It’s a great opportunity. Don’t waste it!

“So how’s business been for you this year?” Or iterations thereof… “So how’s business finishing up for you this year?” “How’s your year been?” You’re going to get asked this question, and you want to maximize it by letting people know that business has been going great. . .

You want to promote yourself and your team you’re working with and let them know why it’s been going great. Don’t just default to, “We’re busy.” Who isn’t busy, especially at this time of year? And that does nothing to promote your business. You want to have an answer ready, along the lines of,

“Phenomenally well! We keep getting introduced to friends and family of existing clients. We love our existing clients, and we’re really enjoying getting to know their friends and family. So it’s been going phenomenally well as we’ve been growing!” That’s the kind of response you want to have ready.

And then it’s a quick redirect:

“We’ve been meeting friends and family of existing clients. They’ve been coming on board as clients. Business has been growing phenomenally well. So we not only can’t complain, we’re thrilled and looking forward to what next year brings! How are you, and Sue, and the kids doing?” You simply then redirect to that person. Especially if they’re not a client of yours, the thinking usually is, you’re going to try and prospect them. Don’t! Just promote your own business and answer the question, showing them how this year has been going. But you’re also giving them the tools to let them see, if they’re an existing client, what they can do as far as introducing friends and family. And if they’re not an existing client, you’re letting them know that they, and their friends and family, are missing out because they’re not working with you.

It’s a very simple response to a question you know you’re going to get. Just a simple answer: “Phenomenally well! We continue being introduced to friends and family of existing clients….” And then away you go again.

So, to have this language dialed in and to maximize this question you know you’re going to get asked,

  1. Practice the language. Write the language down and practice saying it out loud.

  2. Stick to it. Be consistent with this. Don’t try to change the answer depending on the person you’re talking with. Dial in this language first.

  3. Get ready to say it and use that cadence where you’re comfortable in making it conversational. “Phenomenally well! We keep meeting friends and family of existing clients. It couldn’t be better! These are wonderful people, introduced to us by clients we enjoy working with most.” And that’s it.

Get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas season, have this language ready, and don’t miss another opportunity.

I look forward to bringing you another Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea next week.