Should Your Niche Be Alumni Prospecting?

It pays to specialize.  Most people agree having a niche market is good.  Should yours be school alumni?  Your school, of course.

Here’s a really cool observation.  You have more than one school.  We associate alumni associations with the undergraduate college experience.  You might have a graduate degree from another school.  You went to high school somewhere.  Each have their own alumni associations.

  1. Research who is doing well.  The school has an alumni directory.  It’s online now.  Access is limited to graduates.  There’s no permitted use for prospecting in most cases. (Read the rules,)  That’s fine.  You are doing research.  Who works at what companies?  Where are your classmates now?  Who are the superstar graduates? 
  2. Add LinkedIn connections.  You have a plausible reason to connect with fellow graduates.  It’s the old school tie.  Do various searches on LinkedIn.  Graduates who are 2nd level connections.  Send personalized invites to connect.  They should see your posts in their feeds.
  3. Join LinkedIn groups.  Your school likely has two LinkedIn groups.  The general school (alumni) one and the LI group for the local chapter.  Now you have a pool of fellow graduates who might see your posts if you also post to the LI group.
  4. Attend reunions.  Hopefully these are in person events once more.  If you graduated from three schools you’ve got three to attend.  In smaller towns, high school reunions can be a very big deal.  Each is a low key networking opportunity.  Dress for success.
  5. They have newsletters and magazines.  They need writers and content.  See what your firm says about you writing educational articles on the fundamentals of investing.  Maybe you write about a hobby instead.  There should be a byline identifying what you do.  Don’t forget the class log.
  6. Can you give a talk?  Has your school gotten into virtual programming instead of live events for alumni?  Is this a speaking opportunity?  Can you deliver a compliance approved topic connected to investing?  Check out topics from other speakers.
  7. Join the local alumni club.  They should meet monthly.  They have activities.  They are low key.  You will meet people who could come into your office.
  8. Start the local alumni club.  No alumni club in your area?  Get permission to start one.  This can be a gold mine for networking opportunities.  You have a logical reason to reach lout to fellow alumni.
  9. Support school sports.  March Madness shows people take college basketball very seriously.  In some towns, high school football is very important.  There’s usually plenty of alumni support.  It’s another opportunity to meet people.

Can alumni association involvement be your niche?

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