Second Quick Fix To Get Your VMS Returned

To follow up on the blog post from two weeks ago (about the one quick fix to get your VMs returned), here is the second quick fix:

Stop trying to trick your prospect!

Everyone knows that a partial message like:

“Hey _______, this is Mike. Call me back as soon as you can…” just reeks of a tricky salesperson calling.

I ALWAYS delete these messages the moment I hear them. So do your prospects.

The proven formula is simple:

Leave your name, company name, and a brief reason you’re calling (especially one that includes a benefit for your prospect), and then leave your phone number SLOWLY and twice.

There are other proven techniques, too, like requesting some help—and promising you’ll be quick and won’t waste their time—but I’ve already written about those. (Search my blog if you missed them.)

Bottom line: Stop trying to be tricky, and stop sounding like a desperate sales rep. Your prospects can see through you and your message will be deleted quickly. Believe me.

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