Reaching a Wider Audience With LinkedIn

In the dynamic world of professional networking, LinkedIn stands out as a pivotal platform for financial professionals seeking to expand their reach and build meaningful connections. Recent insights from Richard Bliss, CEO of Bliss Point Consulting and a LinkedIn Top Voice, as well as practical observations from the industry, underline the potential of LinkedIn in fostering business growth.

Engaging Effectively on LinkedIn

Bliss’s appearance on the Top Advisor Podcast shed light on the importance of active engagement on LinkedIn. He emphasized that comments on posts extend beyond the original poster, reaching their entire network. Thus, thoughtful comments, asking specific questions, or making thought provoking statements can significantly amplify your reachIt’s not just about adding to the conversation; it’s about sparking new ones.

Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile

A robust LinkedIn presence starts with a well-crafted profile – what Bliss refers to as the “digital house.” This involves a representative background image, a professional photo, a compelling headline, and a regularly updated profile. This aesthetic appeal must be matched with:

  • Active participation in conversations
  • Promptly responding to comments and
  • Engaging with various connections

Expanding Your Network and Visibility

Bliss suggests a “3 by 5” strategy: leaving three comments daily on posts from 1st to 3rd degree connections for five consecutive days. Such commitment can lead to a 300-500% increase in profile views. Furthermore, the LinkedIn algorithm values early interactions on a post, making prompt engagement crucial for expanding reach.

Content and Prospecting on LinkedIn

While having a great profile is essential, the effectiveness of posting content and prospecting on LinkedIn is debatable. Financial professionals have witnessed varying degrees of success. However, it’s clear that relevant, compelling messaging targeted at a defined market can garner attention and prompt action.

One effective strategy is to engage authentically with your network, as demonstrated by financial advisor Jackie Porter. Her focus on building “business friendships” through consistent interaction, rather than direct prospecting or content posting, has led to acquiring new clients and business.

6 Tips for Boosting Post Engagement

To increase engagement and visibility of your LinkedIn posts, consider these tips:

  1. Post Timing and Response: Publish your posts when you can actively engage with the initial reactions. Prompt responses to comments within the first 30 minutes can significantly boost your post’s visibility.
  2. Use Real Photos Over Clipart: Authentic photos tend to engage more than clipart. Sometimes, not using any graphic at all can often be more effective.
  3. Strategic Posting Frequency: Be mindful of how often you post. Rapidly posting new content can cut short the life of a trending post.
  4. Selective Tagging: Tagging people should be done judiciously. Over-tagging without engagement can be perceived as spamming.
  5. Effective Hashtag Use: Using 3 to 5 relevant hashtags can help categorize your content and attract the right audience.
  6. Network Support: Form a support group within your network to mutually engage and enhance each other’s posts.

LinkedIn as a Strategic Tool

LinkedIn transcends its role as a mere networking platform. It’s a strategic tool that, when leveraged with these insights and practices, can significantly impact your professional growth and business development. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, understanding and applying these principles can enhance your LinkedIn experience, translating into tangible business results and fostering deeper, more meaningful professional relationships.

Listen to Bill Cates’ interview of Richard Bliss HERE.

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