Productivity & Prioritization Strategies for Financial Advisors


Hello everyone, and welcome to The Magellan Network Show. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to advisor productivity or time management. Some would say that to be productive, you need to track your time.

But “time” in the advisor world is a misnomer. That’s because we don’t get paid by the hour but by the output and results that we produce.

In this episode, I will share with you some strategies on how to improve your productivity and how to have a more efficient way to prioritize your tasks each day.

I also talked about the following:

  • 07:17 The type of task that you should be focusing on
  • 07:45 How I would prioritize tasking
  • 10.23 Why you should match your tasks with your energy levels
  • 13.17 One of the things that will rob any advisor of accomplishing their goals
  • 14:50 What advisors and athletes have in common
  • 16:30 The biggest productivity killer for advisors

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