Pre-Sale: Be the Financial “Doctor”

As an advisor, you’re gifted in knowing and understanding things about the world of money that most people don’t.

When you meet a new prospect, you share your gift earnestly through essentially a courting process, hoping they’ll like you and be impressed enough to engage you as their advisor.

Although this used to happen more often, it’s increasingly on the decline.


Because your prospect often takes the valuable information you shared and wants to go away and “think about it”.

Or they want to see other advisors to compare their knowledge and information to yours (inauthentically, promising to get back to you).

This is a demeaning experience, to say the least, and below your pay-grade at this stage of your career.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to convince your prospect why they should choose you.

It’s time for you to make a shift, pre-sale, from financial advisor to financial doctor.

Up until now, you’ve been trained to become your prospect’s advisor, by providing value and demonstrating your expertise.

Problem is, every other advisor is doing the same, creating a commoditized profession.

The truth is, your prospects are not going to use your advice to select you, because their judging you on whether they trust you on how much you understand them.

If you shift your mindset to become a financial doctor to your prospects, you no longer have to dispense information or advice pre-sale, to prove yourself.

You diagnose your prospect’s problem only.

By diagnosing their problem, you shift their focus from you, to their problem and its impact on them.

The result?

You become the doctor, they become the patient.

Through your diagnostic process, you impress them with the clarity on the deepest causes of their financial pains.

When you help them see the gravity and urgency of their situation, they can’t help but to ask: “How can you help me?”.

Calmly, you prescribe the ‘treatment plan’ and its simplicity instills a sense of confidence and assurance they’ve never experienced with anyone else.

There’s nothing left for them to think about, process or consider.

They pay you up-front, giving you the go-ahead to proceed.

No overcoming objections.

No multiple meetings.

No free advice.

You’re a financial doctor:

Problem –> Diagnosis –> Prescription –> Sale

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