One Way to Handle Sales Objections Better

Want a quick and easy way to handle objections like a pro?

Simply seek out the top closer in your company, organization, or industry, and then role play with them and write down how they answer the same objections that are frustrating you now.

Once you have those responses, simply rewrite them to fit your personality or style, and then practice, drill, and rehearse them each time you get the same objection.

While this may seem simple, it’s one of the things I did once I made a commitment to becoming a top producer. And once I did, I immediately saw how the responses of the top closer in my company were completely different to how I was responding.

It’s no wonder I was struggling and not closing many sales!

But once I recorded a better response, and then made it my own, and then memorized it and started using it, my results immediately improved.

And, by the way, this is also how I help companies improve their sales process as well. If a company has, say, fifteen sales reps, then there are inevitably one or two top closers—and then thirteen sales reps who are struggling.

Do you think it makes sense for me to find the best practice approach in the thirteen who are struggling or by listening to their top closers?

Simple answer and a simple solution for you to get better as well.

So this week, seek out the top producers and model your closing skills after theirs.

If you do, then soon your results will be similar to theirs!

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