One Quick Secret to Getting Your Emails Opened and Read

How many emails do you get every day at work?

Fifty? A hundred? More?

And how about after the weekend?

Let’s face it: your prospecting emails can be lost in the sea of unread emails. And if it’s from someone the prospect doesn’t know? That just makes it even harder to get your email read…

There is, however, an easy solution you can implement right away that will immediately draw your prospect’s eyes directly to your email and give it that personal feel.

Always start your subject lines with your prospect’s first name.

That’s it!

It’s effective because we are all drawn to our first names, and when your prospect scans the sea of unread (and many times, unsolicited) emails, their eyes will lock onto their first name, and your email will stand out.

If you’re not using this technique yet, then incorporate it today, and watch your open rates—and response rates—soar.

The other thing you need to do is make the rest of the subject line compelling, and that will be the subject of my next blog post.

Be on the lookout for it on February 15! 

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