Mindful Nutrition: The Importance of an Intentional Mental Diet for Financial Advisors


As we barrel through the first quarter of the year, I'd like to focus on a "non-negotiable" in the advisor game - the concept of mental diets.

Similar to a physical diet where the food you consume greatly impacts your health and fitness, what you feed your mind is equally influential to your mental state.

In this episode, I'll discuss why paying attention to your mental diet is critical and offer some do's and don'ts for maintaining a healthy mind.

I also talked about the following:

  • (03:05) What is a mental diet?
  • (07:02) Why news is like sugar to your brain
  • (15:52) How to NOT get consumed by social media
  • (16:57) Why advisors should stop becoming drones
  • (18:54) The most significant tool you have to play this game

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