Marketing To The Top 0.5% of Net Worth Households

Imagine what your life would be like if you only advised clients who were in the top 0.5% of net worth households. That means, you’re only dealing with clients who clear at least 7 figures each year, and have a net worth of over 8 figures. Think you could make more money, enjoy more time off, and deal with fewer frustrating headaches? Me too.

And that’s why this episode could, quite literally, change your life. In this episode, Noah Rosenfarb, financial advisor to the top 0.5% and author of Exit: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, joins me to reveal his secrets for marketing to the top 0.5%, so your client roster can be full of clients with real wealth. Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Want to sell your business one day for an obese lump sum? Here’s the only book you’ll ever need… (2:56)
  • The strange way scaling your business to $100M than selling it can cause a divorce (and how to use this fact to land wealthier clients) (4:22)
  • The “Hyper Liquidity” secret for helping your clients have the biggest liquidity event of their life while you’re their advisor (5:36)
  • How blindly investing in your business month after month can nuke your bank account (7:45)
  • The little-known “Return on Time” metric that lets you know the exact moment to sell your business for the best value (8:16)
  • The insidious way you could be sabotaging your business and ransacking your freedom when your business makes more moolah (9:33)
  • How niching down based on psychographics instead of demographics helps you magnetize the top 0.5% as clients (10:32)
  • 2 key ingredients which separate decamillionaires from the average Joe making $80 grand per year (and how to use this “intel” to land decamillionaire clients) (23:16)

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