Lead Yourself to Success by Being the Best Leader You Can

If you are an entrepreneur, someone looking to start their own company, or someone who just wants to be the boss, you are positioning yourself to be a leader, and there is no greater nor more vital role than that.  Handling capital, handling personnel, or presenting a product or service to consumers demands the right temperament, the right balance, and the right mindset.  It is an awesome responsibility to be a leader, one that can never be taken for granted. But leadership is not measured merely in profits, it is measured in the environment you provide to your employees or co-workers.  You need to lead yourself to success by being the best leader you can. It does not mean you have to be Mr. Dithers from the comic strip Blondie, reduced to kicking people in the rear end because they are not performing the way you think they should.  That can get laughs in the printed form, but it does not work in the real world.

Mr. Dithers kicking Dagwood

So what are some of the qualities that constitute an effective leader?  Well, here are some we feel are important:

Set the example.  Even if a new hire is given a step-by step explanation as to how to function at their job, they will still look to see how it is done by someone who is already there.  If, as the leader, you do the right thing, and follow the same procedures you lay down for your constituents, they will naturally follow.  Combine that with the energy and commitment needed for the job, and it helps enhance any instructions given to a subordinate.  You will not need a flashing sign indicating the way to do it; it will be absorbed from the atmosphere itself.

Mistakes do not have to be fatal.  Remember all the mistakes and all the faults you had when you were starting your career.  Even if you managed to correct such mistakes and codify how to prevent them from being repeated, no one is ever perfect.  While the goal is to get the chance of risk as close to zero percent as possible, it can never be zero percent on its own.  Let your employees know that mistakes can happen, and be sure that when they are correct, the knowledge is given to make sure they know what to do next time, and that they can move that knowledge down the line in the future.

Cartoon of person trying to make 1+1=3

Keep the lines of communication open.  You never want an employee to think that a question is stupid, and that they should be afraid to ask it.  This is part of problem solving.  If there appear to be too many questions, there may be a larger problem with training and access to information that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Offer encouragement and reassurance.  It is impossible to get anywhere in the business world without the power in positivity: in yourself, in the profession you have chosen, in the belief that your efforts will be a success.  That positivity must be reflected not only in your activities, but in the activity of your co-workers and employees.  Negativity creates paranoia and lethargy; positivity creates success.

"The pessimist complains about the wind.  The optimist expects it to change.  The leader adjusts the sails." - John Maxwell

You’re in this to be a winner.  Nothing demonstrates this better than believing you’re a winner, projecting that you’re a winner, and using that as an attraction to make everyone around you a winner. Our services can help get you going towards that winning standard. Be the best leader you can.

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