Investing in Your Success: The Imperative for Financial Advisors to Prioritize Self-Development


First, I'd like to thank everyone who greeted me on my 30th anniversary as a coach last week. I truly appreciate you taking the time.  

As we continue our series on how to have a great 2024, we will talk about personal and professional development budgets and game plans and why they're critical for not just an advisor but for their entire team as well.

In this episode, I discussed the following:

  • (03:20) Why reinvesting in yourself is immutable to being successful as an advisor
  • (03:57) Why having multiple designations does not necessarily equate to more success
  • (06:27) The difference between intellectual and emotional capital
  • (07:09) My guideline for having a personal and professional development budget
  • (17:09) Why advisors should also invest in developing their team

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