Invest(in)Her and She’ll Invest With You

It’s a new year and while Covid-19 restrictions continue to shape how we do business – some things never change. The fact that you carry on serving existing clients and continue to sign-up new clients is a given.  Something else that hasn’t changed is that women with money are still your best bet for growing your practice.

Over the past five years, we have seen women emerge as financial powerhouses. Today, they control and have more money than ever before and are looking for advice. That is great for advisors – but here’s the thing, these women aren’t willing to settle for the status-quo.

Women today are looking for advisors they can connect with in a meaningful way. If you’re interested in being that advisor, you need to reflect on your own best approach in having richer conversations with these women because it takes more than a superficial dialogue about her family or future.

Ask yourself: how much time and effort do you actually put into truly connecting with your existing female clients and prospects? How would you describe the quality of the time you devote to the women? Could you be at risk of losing an account should the husband in the couple you serve die? Are you happy with the number of women you turn into clients?

The good news is that connecting well with women is achievable – but it requires two things –  succeeding with women means you have to:

  1. Accept that you need to hone your skills in relating to women
  2. Be willing to invest the time and money it takes to acquire that skill

We’ve seen it time and again, even advisors who take our courses and commit to understanding how to connect with women and make the effort to change their approach are surprised at the level of success they achieve. Not only have they acquired new female clients but they tell us a year later how much they are enjoying working with them.

The bottom line “invest in her” and she will “invest with you”.

We offer: a personal consultation, online courses and a book INVEST(in)HER to help you achieve the results you seek in building strong relationships with clients. Check out our website too

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