How Your Superpower Can Lead to More Business

All of us have something we are good at doing.  I have no natural rhythm, but I can write.  That special skill we have is our “superpower.”  What is yours?  How can it lead to more business?

There was a joke during World War II that the Army took people who were great cooks and taught them to be mechanics and vice versa.  In the financial services business, you want to figure out what you do best and apply that skill towards making money and building a good career.

1. You are great at prospecting.  I have come across maybe three people in my career.  One person just had the skill of calling up strangers and getting them to talk.

What’s the skill?  You do not get bored doing repetitive tasks.  The more important skill is thinking on your feet to ask the right questions to get a person talking. 

2. You love research.  Some people enjoy stock research.  The industry has moved away from this activity, but this is what people imagine a stockbroker does!  At parties, people want to talk about the killing they made in the market, not the money manager they use.

What is the skill?  You have curiosity.  You like finding the needle in the haystack.  You understand the concept of “story stocks,” getting someone else as excited as you are about the stock.

3. You can explain complex concepts in simple terms.  You are a teacher. The industry is loaded with jargon.  People don’t usually buy what they don’t understand.  You can create aha moments.

What is the skill?  You can relate to people.  You can gauge their level of comprehension, start explaining and ask the right questions to get them back on track before you lose their attention.  You put things into words they can explain to someone else, like their spouse.

4. You are a great salesperson.  You have seen these people before. They are naturally likeable.  They make you feel like you are the most important person in the room.  When you might suspect others of wanting something from you, with this person you want to do whatever they say.

What is the skill?  You have the ability to inspire confidence.  You change the process from getting someone to agree to buy.  Now you are painting the picture of a trend or a movement.  They want to get onboard before the train leaves the station.

5. You make friends easily.  You can start a conversation with the guy in the next seat on the commuter train or an airplane.  You see strangers as a friend you have not met yet.

What is the skill:  You are gregarious.  You do well with networking.  You can meet people who are ready and willing to introduce you to other people.

6. You are a natural organizer.  You are the person who gets things going in a group.  If you ever took the “leaderless group discussion” exercise, you were the winner.  You would do great if you were stranded on a desert island with several other castaways.

What is the skill?  You are a leader.  You can establish credibility and get others to follow you.  You are excellent at team building.

7. You can spot a bargain.  You are a great shopper.  You visit a clothing store and find the one item that should never have been on the sale rack.  Everyone wonders how you find these great deals.

What is the skill?  This is similar to the research skill.  You have an intuitive sense of finding value.  You would be a great stock trader.

8. You are always calm.  Some people live in a state of confusion and panic.  You are always level headed.  You do not get rattled easily.

What is the skill?  You see the big picture.  You know the stock market has headed upwards over long periods based on past history.  You think long term, not getting distracted when the market soars or plunges day to day.  You can calm others by getting them to think long term.

9. You have management skills.  You are great at paperwork.  You can prioritize.  You are good at getting things done through others.

What is the skill?  You are good at administration.  You can manage projects within a budget.  You see the boxes are ticked and deadlines are met.

10. You are very charitable.  You are involved in the nonprofit community.  You know how to raise money.  You can sell an intangible.  You give your own money to many good causes.

What is the skill:  You are a pied piper.  You can get other people to follow you as they give money to a cause that does not benefit them personally.  You can sell the feel good factor.

11. You are a great speaker.  You can hold people’s attention.  You can get them to laugh.  People will change their plans to hear you speak.  They will pay money to listen to you.

What is the skill?  You are good at public speaking.  You can hold the attention of an audience.  You can bring them around to your way of thinking.

12. You can think on your feet.  Some people can talk their way out of any situation.  You get let off with a warning when you are stopped for speeding.  Your spouse always forgives you.

What is the skill?  You have the gift of improvisation.  You can lower the temperature in difficult situations.

13. You are a great writer.  You have an idea in your head and it becomes a finished document an hour later.  You are good at structure.  You develop a following.

What is the skill?  You are good at composition and expressing yourself on paper.  You would be great at writing a newsletter for your clients.

14. You are a great motivator.  You can get other people to do things.  They can find a way of looking at a project and making it more attractive, then getting others to buy into the concept and do the work.

What is the skill:  You can take a task and turn it into a mission.  You can align your project with another person’s values.

When thinking about yourself, your team or volunteers in the community, you need to identify that superpower and create an environment where it can shine.

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