How Using SEO Strategies Can Improve Your Company’s Sales

Written by: Kevin Gardner

Search engine optimization is not just a tool that journalists use to get more clicks. It is also essential for business owners to master SEO.

There are many reasons to include SEO as part of your sales strategy. Internet users typically view websites that appear on the top of search engine results as trustworthy.  Strong SEO can thus boost the credibility of your business.

Using SEO also gives you a competitive advantage over any rival companies that are not investing heavily in search engine optimization. Good SEO strategies improve customer engagement and make your website more user-friendly, as well.

Of course, to get the most out of SEO, you need to utilize it properly.  Here are four SEO tips that should boost your company’s sales.

1.l Use the Best Keywords

Keywords are the heart of SEO. You must figure out which search terms potential customers are using to find products within your industry. Bing’s Keyword Research Tools and Google’s Keyword Planner are good places to start.

Once you have narrowed down a list of basic keywords, look for ones that are popular yet not used by your competitors. You should feature these keywords the most on your website.

While excessive use of keywords can backfire, you should still try to utilize keywords in as many different places as possible. That means including them in headlines, URLs and meta descriptions.

Do not just utilize short keyword phrases, either. Longtail keywords are particularly valuable since many search queries feature more than four words. Longtail keywords are ideal in competitive industries because not as many companies use them.

2. Focus on Content

Keywords alone are not enough to increase Google rankings. You need to create content that incorporates those keywords.

Yet you cannot just write random blog posts that just happen to use the most relevant keywords. Instead, you should create effective and original content that your customers will appreciate and share with others. Ideally, when potential clients search for information about a service or product that you offer, they will quickly see content on your website that answers their questions. This is a great way to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Keep in mind that customers want engaging and authoritative content. They do not want articles that can mislead them. You should thus avoid overselling the benefits of your company’s products.

Content does not just have to be written posts, either. Animations, videos, podcasts and infographics are other options you can create.

3. Optimize Images

Images are another easy way to add keywords to your website. Simply insert them into the alt tags of your photos.

You should also optimize photos so customers know exactly what your products are. The high-resolution images should feature 360-degree views of the items. Next to each image, you should put a unique description of your product. Google and other search engines downgrade websites that copy descriptions from other sources. Original, detailed and well-written descriptions will better serve your customers, as well.

4. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Search engines consider the mobile-friendliness of a website when deciding where to rank the site. Your customers will also appreciate a website that is phone or tablet friendly. Similarly, a website that is not properly optimized for mobile use could deter potential customers.

There are several factors that determine how mobile-friendly a website is. You should make the buttons big enough that users can see them on small screens. The navigation, loading speed and readability of the website are important, as well.

By increasing your use of keywords, creating informative content and implementing a mobile-friendly design, you can increase the search engine ranking of your company’s website. This should make it easier for customers to find the site, which should subsequently boost your sales.

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