How to Persevere & Refine Possibilities to Increase Your Value

The word, possibility, has a variety of meanings as they apply to our endeavors.

For some, it could refer to the law of attraction. For salespeople, the idea of possibility refers to their sales pipeline. The commonality is found in the hope for possibilities to work out well. And the hope increases motivation to continue moving forward each day.

Persevere and refine possibilities to see increased value in your pipeline.

Julie shared that once again there was a need to reinvent her business. For entrepreneurs, reinvention is the norm as trends, technology and thought continually change. It was her remark that had me pay close attention. She exclaimed, “While I have fewer opportunities right now, each is far more exciting than anything experienced before.”

I quickly replied that she included an important element of business success. The more closely we match our priorities and values with offered projects, the greater the likelihood for each to prove well worthwhile. I further encouraged her to seek out more such opportunities that excite her. Julie was in complete agreement and giggling all the while.

The reason to always include as many exciting possibilities as possible is to increase motivation each day. This is especially important as we face the grunt work that needs to be done. Embracing the thought, ‘I can do this’, makes the biggest difference in our outcome.

Recently I wrote about the benefit of being professionally personal. Accordingly, I posted my official story on my newly launched Community Page. My goal is to help those with five years of experience or less in the sales profession or in their entrepreneurship. Proving the point made, this endeavor is attracting the interest of potential partners.

Out of everything you have going on today, consider what holds the best potential and excitement for you. Give consideration as to the elements that contribute to your enthusiasm. List them out so that you, too, may build a highly valued pipeline of possibilities.

Answer these questions:

  • Which projects or prospective clients excite you the most?
  • Why are these the most exciting?
  • How may you expand upon these possibilities?
  • The reason for multiple opportunities and growing the pipeline is that most will not materialize in the way we anticipate. These filter through to oblivion. It’s the highly qualified ones that convert to sales or into exciting projects. But as the flow continues in and out, adding to the mix is a requirement. In this way, your enthusiasm will remain high as new ideas come to light.


  • Focus on your pipeline of possibilities.
  • Consider the type and qualities of your preferred opportunities.
  • Seek to expand on the preferred.
  • Let people know what excites you the most and why.
  • Transfer enthusiasm into postings to attract more interest in your work.
  • Connect with like minded people to enhance your messaging.
  • Collaborate with peers to expand your reach.
  • Continue to refine your requirements.
  • Expand upon the work you prefer.
  • Celebrate success!