How To Grow Revenue as an Advisor


Hello and welcome to The Magellan Network Show. For the last three weeks, we’ve been talking about how to have a rockstar start this new year. We’ve discussed why we need a written game plan as a roadmap to our success, why having a morning success ritual is crucial, and how to execute a top-level daily game plan.

We’re now down to the fourth and last part of this series, where I’m going to talk about business development and how to grow revenue in this game.  

In this episode, I also discussed the following:

(05:48) Why advisors must have a balance sheet on all of their clients

(11:13) The number one reason advisors struggle with the introductions game

(12:51) What is COI, and how can you optimize it?

(16:08) Why you should have no more than four channels for new business

(18:12) Why advisors must ignore FOMO

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