How To Fix Your Referral Game


In our ongoing series on strategies for achieving an exceptional year in 2024, this week is dedicated to a topic I consider a significant pet peeve within the industry. It's about how most advisors have a massive blind spot and a negative frame of reference when it comes to referrals and introductions.

In this episode, I'll discuss the psychology behind referrals and introductions, share simple strategies I consistently teach my clients, and expected results based on data I have tracked in my decades of experience.

II also talked about the following:

  • (04:09) One of the primary reasons advisors are phobic around referrals
  • (09:45) Why the phrase “real professionals don’t ask for referrals” is complete BS
  • (14:27) What your referrals and introductions need to be about
  • (17:44) How to ask for referrals from your clients the right way
  • (25:36) Why you need to indoctrinate your clients

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