How To Exceed Your Business Goals in 2023

In this article everyonesocial say

"Did you know that employees sharing content can result in 561% greater reach, as well as increased pipeline, better win rates, and up to 48% larger deals?"

This is all well and good, but you can do so much better than this.

Think about it, when you page through your timeline on Linkedin, what do you think? 

Something like "boring, boring, boring, boring" as the endless posts which are nothing more than company brochures that nobody is interested in apart from the company that posts them.

Now you know what your buyers think, and research shows they are not interested in brochures, see hereYou cannot take "reach" to the bank!

Let's look at sales and it's fundamentals

What you and I sell needs a conversation, right?

This is where people get this all wrong, the output on social media isn't to post, the output is a conversation.

Conversations drive sales.

So if your posts on social media are not getting conversations, (and measuring this is easy) you are wasting your time.

Let me put that another way, the number one thing you need your content to do is drive conversations.

This is what will give you the pipeline you crave for, the meetings you crave for and the revenue you crave for.

So if you want to get more bang for your buck and exceed sales goals in 2023, you've gotta tap into your people.

But this isn't just about posting content, it's about empowering your employees so they post content to get conversations and then know how to harvest the engagement to get those conversations, leads and meetings, pipeline and revenue.

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