How To Continue To Grow When You Get Busy

At some point in your effort to grow you will start to get busy. 

It will feel good and your attention will move from hustling to get and convert prospects to the client work at hand. For most businesses, the need for development never stops, it is cyclical. Typically, I work with clients that are looking to grow; being too busy with new business isn't on their radar. However, once leads start to come in it can be overwhelming. Busyness can become a development distraction if left unmanaged. 

The more clients you have, the less development work you do until you need more clients and the sales cycle begins again. 

Similar to maintaining your physical fitness, to maintain consistent growth, you need to put in some, minimal, effort. The alternative is similar to yo-yo dieting. Turning on and off your marketing and sales efforts is exhausting and difficult to do. 

Don’t wait until you need to grow to start (or restart) your development efforts. Instead, plan that you are going to get busy. When you know you’re going to get busy you can plan how you are going to adjust your efforts around development. 

A framework to help manage the natural ebb and flow of business and development

If you plan out your development activities and segment using these levels it will become very clear what you intend to do no matter what and the activities you can slow down or stop when you get busy.

Bring on the busy.

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