How to Be More Concise While Delivering Your Message

As executive communication coaches, we at Corporate Speech Solutions know that poor communication skills can significantly damage your career. However some bad communication habits can be more damaging than others. Recently, we conducted our own informal research on a group of CEOs and asked: Which behaviors interfere the most with business success? The skill that was rates as being the most detrimental to business success was “People who ramble and don’t get to the point.”

A speaker who rambles and isn’t able to make their point in a clear, articulate way will lose their listener’s interest and fail to get their main message across. So what can you do to be more concise while delivering your message ?

Consider Your Listener:

You may find that you present the same general message to a variety of groups and individuals. Although the main point may remain the same, the importance of supporting details may vary depending on the listener’s interests and particular situation.

Before speaking, consider: What information is most important to this particular listener?

Mentally Prepare:

Think about what you want to communicate in advance. What is the main piece of information you want your listener to walk away with? What supporting details will help strengthen your message? Which details are less important? While you don’t need to figure out what you want to say word for word, figuring out the basic content in advance will help you streamline and strengthen your message.

Lead with the Main Point:

Don’t wait too long to get to the main point of your message. Starting with the main idea helps orient your listener and focus their attention. A wordy “build up” is rarely needed and can be distracting to your audience.

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