How Creating A Clear Vision Impacts Everyone Involved

It’s safe to say that almost everyone from around the world is familiar with the Apple brand. Although Steve Jobs did not win popularity contests, he precisely knew what he wanted to do and achieve as he tirelessly held on to his vision. One goal was for people to have access to home computers that were functional, easier to use for the everyday person and open communication lines for people located anywhere in the world.

The Apple Story

Mr. Jobs held the vision to be the best in his field. Everyone including himself was held to very high standards. At one point dissent overtook the atmosphere within the company. While today the company is incredibly successful, it wasn’t always that way. In the earlier years of building Apple, it was a very rocky road for Steve Jobs. Shockingly, Jobs was ejected from the very company he founded. And it took some years until he was invited back to lead once again.

While the CEO was known to be a difficult person to work with, one has to admire his tenacity. In spite of previous anxiety-driven experiences, he continued to pursue his dreams. Those who excelled in the technology realm were always sought out to help empower Apple’s progress. In review, one step at a time to perfect each product was the theme of the day. As technology and society advanced, so did the many variations of Apple products. Above all, they each aligned with the vision of being the best in the world.

Not only did Steve Jobs achieve his original vision but also received admiration from those witnessing the idea never to give up. Books, movies, and speeches provide testimony to the will and desire of proceeding even in the face of dire adversity.

The Google Story

The next example is that of Google. A search utilizing the Google browser provides Google’s original mission statement: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” I believe everyone may agree that their vision lives to be true today. Expanding upon seeing into the future, many are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the driverless car.

Success Factors

One thing each of the companies has in common is to serve their clientele as the business builds. Their original vision was clear. The best talent found to be in alignment with the mission was recruited to make it happen. Another vital part is the passion seen and heard in the employees’ voices associated with each company. The excitement was true then as it is today.

Another factor for most people to grasp is that the desire to do the work ahead has to be a primary motivating force equal to or above that of becoming wealthy. Without passion, the money never comes. Your heart has to be all in, or else the work becomes draining, and the motivation soon departs.

The CEO’s were all clear on their vision to build their organizations. The clarity, passion, and vision inspired and attracted the best talent to work on each company team. Accordingly, the companies followed the mantra “build it, and they will come,” as it applied to hiring the best and appealing to a worldwide clientele.

Keys to Building a Clear Vision:

  • Create a vision that is easily articulated by everyone.
  • Incorporate making a difference in an area of life that inspires you.
  • Be passionate about your chosen work.
  • Focus first on the work for money to follow.
  • Hire talented people involved who have the skills to help make your vision a reality.
  • Stay true to yourself and your integrity; never compromise.
  • “A clear vision communicated well attracts more people to your work and increases the likelihood of an admired brand worldwide.” ~Valeri Bocage