How Advisors Raise Their Visibility in Charitable Groups

The financial advisor who is involved in the community through family or children’s activities doesn’t make looking for business their primary focus. The social dynamics are dangerous. Alienate people and word gets around. Successful advisors look for discrete ways to raise their visibility while enjoying their involvement. 1. Be a center of influence. Many financial services firms train advisors to “seek out and befriend centers of influence.” How about becoming a center of influence instead? It’s a lot more fun! 2. Be near the money. Members make the connection between you and your profession when they associate you with money. 3. Quietly raise your visibility within the group. Move slowly. You are involved because you and your family enjoy the activity. Additional business is an extra benefit. You have the time to “Do it right.” 4. What do you know about people in the group? Do you know:

  • Who they are? Do you know most of the people in the group by name? People like being greeted by name!
  • What they do? What do they do for a living?
  • Where they work? If the area has a few major employers, chances are some members work at those firms.
  • 5. What do people in the group know about you?
  • Do they know who you are? Walk over and say hello. It’s the first step.
  • What do you do? This is easier than it seems. People usually ask.
  • Why you are good? This takes time. It’s low key. Utilize the strategies in Transforming Wealthy Friends into Clients such as various ways to answer “How’s business?”
  • The Basic Rules of Success involve only minimal change in your involvement and behavior, assuming you are an outgoing person like most financial advisors. The rules do not involve a significant outlay of time or money either!
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