How Advisors Need To Set Goals


Welcome to 2024. Last week, I shared 21 strategies for a great start to this new year. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll unpack some of these strategies and provide details and action items that will help you deploy them.

In today's episode, I will talk about how to set goals. While it may seem basic, it's surprising how many advisors still struggle with this fundamental aspect. The common pitfall lies in adopting a rigid, linear approach, which leads to misconceptions about effective goal-setting.

I also talked about the following:

  • (04:26) Two fatal flaws that advisors make when it comes to goal-setting
  • (11:49) Why having a pass/fail goal does not serve advisors
  • (19:26) Why most advisors sell themselves short
  • (20:36) How advisors need to set their goals
  • (21:01) Why I hate the term “net new assets”

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