How Adept Do You Believe You Are?

Being adept at handling all types of issues is a necessity. Curveballs arrive rapidly and how we address them makes all the difference. There is a need to shrug off the bad and move on. To begin, breathe deeply and smile.

The reason for smiling when something unexpected occurs is knowing that once past it, a better situation lies ahead. We become smarter due to the experience. It took a long time to figure this out. Similarly, when I ask a question of someone, I volunteer that either ‘no’ or ‘yes’ is acceptable. And if criticism is part of the equation, I can handle it. Humor helps soften the response, and it may also influence a positive reply.

On occasion, when ‘no’ comes our way, it signals we can move away to find another who may say ‘yes.’ I have come to view the negative as saving precious time, and a motivator to find the better fit. The practice of seeing the good in all replies allows us to focus on what matters most without distractors. Embracing the attitude that either a negative or positive response works also helps to build up our confidence.

It is the zero response that is more concerning. I will try a couple of different methods of communication to see if a conversation may begin again. However, when the extra attempt is also ignored, it signals not to waste further time but to move onward.

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Our job is to try to correct our errors, and learn from the worst experiences. Beating ourselves up for mistakes only wastes time. Reviewing the best and the worst of everything that occurs is the training ground for improvement. When we devote ourselves to learning and training every day, we become mentally stronger and more adept at communicating with all types of people. The process opens the door to listening more carefully and leading more engaging conversations. It is when we can laugh at ourselves, and share some of the horror stories with our prospective clientele that they will be motivated to do business with us.

Being Adept

When you are first beginning a career, most likely sensitivity will be at a high when criticism arrives. Brace yourself to learn from the experience and condition yourself to get accustomed to it. Interestingly, toughening up can also have you appear to be relaxed in conversation. You become more aware of others and varying attitudes. In this frame of mind, you can make better decisions of which will be ideal clients.

How do you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for being adept at accepting all types of feedback?

When negativity arises, do you:

  • Become irritated and say something you regret
  • Cut the conversation to leave angrily
  • Ask for the other person’s perspective for better insight?
  • When a comment takes you by surprise, the better questions to ask are, “Why” or “What has been your experience?” Usually, a friendly conversation follows, and insight becomes yours. The understanding leads to improved dialogue and gets you closer to the goal of making the sale. On the other hand, should you feel you are in disagreement, it’s best to end the meeting politely, and not further waste your time.

    Either way, you are ahead by listening and asking questions. Most of all, your priorities are renewed each time. Becoming adept with varying situations will help you advance your career.