How A Well-Planned Communication Strategy Can Boost Sales Within Six Months

Written by: Morgan Rose Elliott

Do you have a sales goal you’re not hitting? Numerous factors can cause your sales to fail. But have you thought that maybe your communication strategy isn’t well-planned enough?! Many may wonder what communication has to do with sales. It plays a crucial role in the organization as it conveys the real message of your brand.

Whether you do it intentionally or not, your actions and the way you communicate paint the picture of your company. So, instead of letting all your efforts go to waste, invest your time planning the communication strategy that will help you boost your sales within six months. How is that possible? Check out the steps and options below.

1. Set Goals and Create Plans

When developing any strategy, you need to create a plan and set goals to measure your results! Communication isn’t a magic wand, but it can help you bring your business to a more professional and profitable level. So, to make it count, start by creating a communication plan that includes internal and external communication and the goals you’re planning on hitting.

Your goals are to include the SMART principles. Most importantly, make them measurable and realistic. Set your goals for specific timeframes, such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly. It can help you track the performance of your strategy and review it if necessary.

2. Choose Your Voice

Each brand has a voice it uses towards the target audience. You need to choose what kind of voice you want to create for your brand to be appealing to the group of buyers. If you already have some marketing in place, you already communicate with the target group. But is it the right voice for your brand?

The wrong type of communication for your customers can be off-putting. For instance, if you’re selling formal male attire, using straightforward speech and slang will only push your customers away. So, ensure you match your voice to the audience before communicating with them.

3. Focus On In-House Communication

The first step towards the ideal and well-planned communication strategy is focusing on internal communication. Believe it or not, an in-house communication strategy is of utmost importance for each brand. What does it have to do with sales? The way you communicate with your associates and employees directly reflects how they will treat the customers. So, before you fire away from your marketing, create an internal communication strategy.

Many companies struggle to create a strategy that will bring out the best in them. It would help if you balanced the good and the bad to make it work. Some of the best organizations in the world decided to share their internal communication examples you can use as an inspiration for your team. When you build an in-house strategy, your team will have a much easier time dealing with external communication that boosts sales!

4. Choose External Channels for Communication

Internal communication is one way to keep your employees and their behavior under control. But when they need to communicate your brand’s message further, picking adequate channels is a must! Some of the most popular ways of communicating with your customers and promoting your brand are through different types of marketing.

Focusing on marketing is one of the important ways of keeping your business running smoothly. One of the most popular ways is communication through social media and blogs or emails. So, aim your strategy in that direction! Depending on the type of products you’re offering and your target audience, create a digital and traditional marketing strategy.

5. Enhance Your Message with Visuals

If you don’t communicate freely, your efforts will go down the drain. It’s natural to make mistakes; however, minimizing them is essential. You can do so by implementing visuals with your messages. It’s no wonder people say that the picture is worth a thousand words! Infographics, pie charts, graphs, and images can enhance your message and help your customers understand its meaning.

Much meaning can get lost in the translation writing style due to naivety. However, you can prevent your message from misinterpreting by communicating through visual content. Besides being more memorable, visual content is engaging and calls your customers and target audience to action!

6. Understand the Performance of Your Strategy

Your communication strategy will bring you incredible results, but only if you understand how it works! Learn the meaning behind the performance of your system to implement some novelties and continuously improve your sales. What are the aspects you need to learn?

Measure results before and after you’ve implemented a specific strategy. Try one method at a time to see the accurate results of it. That way, you will have the opportunity to see how well each intervention is performing and whether it affects the sales positively or not. On top of that, ensure you choose only the proven strategies initially. Experimenting too much can damage your brand and permanently negatively affect sales!

Wrapping Up: A Well-Planned Communication Strategy

A well-planned communication strategy can make or break your business. It affects multiple aspects of it and plays a crucial role in sales. So, plan your communication strategy well, and focus on the results. Follow these steps to boost your sales and create a memorable brand your customers will adore!

Morgan Rose Elliott graduated in marketing from The University of Sydney. Hobbies include yoga, reading, and home renovation.  A rookie blogger who loves writing about business and lifestyle equally. She is happily married, and a stay-at-home mother of three. You may follow her on Twitter.