Here’s a Solution for Your Organic Growth Problem With Steve Gresham

Steve Gresham is the Managing Principal of NextChapter: an industry community and a tech-enabled solutions company focused on creating better retirement outcomes for everyone. 

In this episode, we’ve invited Steve to share his insights on organic growth, exploring what fuels it, why it’s crucial, and how advisors can harness its power effectively. 

Also discussed:

  • Why some advisors are experiencing growth while others are not, prompting an examination of the underlying dynamics.
  • The significance of both willpower and skill in an advisor’s success.
  • The distinction between organic and inorganic growth within the industry and the importance of organic growth as a measure of the business’s health.
  • The impact of aging demographics on advisor practices, noting the challenges posed by an aging client base and the implications for organic growth.
  • The dissatisfaction of private equity firms with industry returns.
  • The industry’s responsibility toward investors’ well-being.
  • Strategies for advisors to achieve organic growth effectively, emphasizing the importance of client retention, understanding evolving client needs, and improving share of wallet by offering new services and consolidating assets.

Resources: Next Chapter

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