Help Referrers Understand Who You Really Want To Meet


One of the reasons referrers don’t give us quite the right quality referral most of the time is that we are often very poor at describing the person we work best with when we are having a referral discussion to begin with.

It’s our fault; not theirs for the wrong sort of referrals occuring.

We describe demographics usually…not individuals.

Of course when it comes to describing a target market we need to have thought about the demographics, and they can be helpful in describing the type of clients we are looking to work with. In themselves though the demographics rarely help the other person in the conversation (the potential referrer) identify an individual.  It is too broad and captures too many types of people to be helpful.

To help get referrals from good clients to other potentially good clients we need to be able to describe our target market in person – we need to create a mental image of the actual person, or people, we are looking to work with if referrers are to be able to come up with the right introductions or recommendations.

In this Quick Tips video we discuss this in more depth, including the type of language which is most effective, and role play an example…

Watch the video to learn more…

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