Harnessing the Power of Gen Z in Financial Advice

Written by: Nigel Green

A social media video of a young American woman crying and complaining about her first proper job and her long commute, has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter).

“In a 9-5 how do u have time for ur life…I don’t have time to do anything, I don’t have time or energy to cook my dinner…I don’t have energy to work out.. I’m so upset, like oh my God.”

The TikTok clip has garnered global derision – perhaps unsurprisingly, mainly by people older than the sobbing young woman.

It has sparked much debate about the merits or otherwise of employing this generation.

For me, taking on Generation Z for our teams around the world keeps me constantly enthused. This generation, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, defy the stereotypes of being lazy or entitled; instead, they bring to the table a range of skills, attitudes and attributes that are vital for the long-term success and evolution of our industry.

Gen Z’s digital fluency and tech-savviness are priceless assets. Born into the digital age, they effortlessly navigate the ever-evolving world of technology.

This innate understanding of digital platforms, data analytics, and the fintech revolution empowers them to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and adapt swiftly to emerging financial technologies. It positions them as the innovators of tomorrow, allowing our organization to stay ahead of the curve in a technology-driven era.

In my experience of running a global financial advisory organisation, the notion that Gen Z is ‘lazy’ couldn't be further from the truth.

These young professionals have grown up in a world of economic turbulence and uncertainty. They’ve witnessed financial crises, student loan debt, and a highly competitive job market.

As a result, they have developed a remarkable work ethic and an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact. Their resilience, self-starting spirit, and dedication to clients are apparent in their actions.

One of the key strengths of Gen Z is their desire to find purpose in their work. They aspire to create positive change, not only in their careers but also in the world at large.

This sense of purpose is a driving force behind their commitment to serving clients’ best interests and guiding them towards financial success. Aligning personal values with professional roles fosters a deep sense of responsibility that transcends traditional boundaries.

I’m also consistently impressed that Gen Z professionals are perpetual learners. They’re well aware that the financial industry is marked by complexity and continual evolution and their commitment to continuous education and professional development is a cornerstone of our success.

In a sector that demands expertise and adaptability, Gen Z’s drive to expand their knowledge base ensures our organization remains at the forefront of financial trends and developments.

In addition, their emphasis on ethics and sustainability is essential for the future of financial advisory. They are acutely aware of environmental and social issues and are eager to incorporate responsible investment practices into their work.

This dovetails seamlessly with the growing demand for socially responsible investment options, helping our organization address the broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns that are gaining prominence in the financial industry.

To harness the full potential of Gen Z, it’s our responsibility to create an inclusive and supportive work environment that encourages their innovative thinking, embraces their unique skill set, and fosters their professional growth. 

Welcoming this generation isn’t just a matter of recognizing their worth; it's about driving the financial advisory sector into a promising and transformative future.

I couldn’t be more excited to witness the impact they will continue to make in our industry in the years to come.

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