Growing a Firm to 4.3 Billion AUM: Tips From the Trenches with Matt Reiner

I know as an advisor I love to hear from others who have actually done it. Not theoretical business advice or something from another industry applied to advisors. But a real life success story who did the thing. I know you’re right there with me on enjoying hearing from advisors who have been in the trenches too…and oh boy do I have a treat for you today!

My guest, advisor Matt Reiner, is a modern-day renaissance man. He and his brother stepped into their dad’s advisory practice and grew it to a 4.3 billion dollar firm. Yes, that’s billion with a B. He also founded Benjamin, an IA fintech company and he’s written a really fun fable-based business book. He’s a busy dude.

Today we talk a lot about how he has reiterated his business over and over and has grown from a few employees to 70. Matt shares a lot of stories about what they did right AND what they did wrong.

And I know 4.3 billion isn’t everybody’s jam… not everyone wants to grow a firm that big and have so many people… but even if that’s not your goal, this is a great interview chock full of practice advice for advisors at any level.

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