Get Other Businesses To Get You New Business


In the perpetual search for new ways to get new clients many professional service firms overlook a really obvious, and incredibly lucrative, way of getting new business.

That is getting other businesses to send their new clients to you.  Unlike Center-Of-Influence (COI) marketing where an individual directs individual potential new client opportunities to you regularly, networking with other businesses to cross-promote services requires slightly different thinking and organisation.  It is “leveraged” prospecting.

It requires more than just a great personal relationship between you and the referring (or allied) business owner, it is about creating synergies and compelling offers that make customers want to use the products or services of both businesses.

In this quick video we discuss how to do that, and talk about a real life example that drove new business opportunities to both a planning business and a photography business…and resulted in more new business for everyone together with clients who felt they were getting a fabulous deal.

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