For Female Advisors, This Business Isn’t Really About Selling

The truth is I had been secretly battling an internal conflict with who I was as a woman and how I presented myself as an advisor. What I was taught and trained to do just didn’t feel right. So when I found Adri and her femXadvisor program I knew it was something I had to try. 

The femXadvisor model is drastically different than any training I’ve ever received as a female advisor. Adri spoke to my heart, she pulled out my purpose and helped me articulate my value in a meaningful way that felt so good. Even still, this approach was so different from how I had been taught I was nervous and hesitant about launching my new message. 

So, when I finally threw caution to the wind and started sharing my new story and vision for my business, I realized I had never felt more inspired and free! 

Today I’m creating the business and life I’ve always longed for! Within a month of sharing my new message I have four new appointments and $1.2 million in the wings. I’m even turning away clients because they don’t have the assets and values that fit my business.” -Emily, Financial Advisor

Internal negative messages feel so real, especially for women.

In a male dominated world there are few voices that are speaking life into you, giving you the words you so desperately need in order to believe in yourself. Thankfully there is a different way! 

For too long, women have squeezed their feminine nature into the framework of industry protocol – processes that were designed by men, for men, to attract men. For women to succeed, it’s not about working harder, faster, or better.

Women must shed the “old rules” for building a business and start leveraging her innate feminine strengths to accelerate growth.

Let’s be clear about one thing: the masculine model just doesn’t suit the woman’s way of doing business. It’s too impersonal, too structured. Women can’t connect through profiling questionnaires; we start with a warm smile and take it from there.

Most female Advisors have spent their careers adapting to a professional environment that was “less than conducive” to their natural strengths and abilities. These methods often felt uncomfortable, even abrasive to our sensibilities, but we persevered – because no one offered us an alternative.

Until now.

You see, for women, this business isn’t really about selling…

  • It’s about inspiring your clients to do what is right and good for them, for their families and their future.
  • It’s about developing lasting relationships and rock-solid client loyalty.
  • It’s about distinguishing yourself from the hordes of gray-suited salesmen, and becoming a brilliant advocate for women’s security, independence and financial strength.

Your practice is an extension of who you are and what you want to accomplish in the world. We are purpose-driven creatures, and when we tune into that inner drive and build our business around it, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

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