Enhance Prospect Engagement: Elevate Your Approach

There is one simple thing that advisers should do to improve the probability that prospects will engage you:

Talk about the outcomes you create for clients

rather than talking jargon.

In engagement letters and scope of service documents, as well as in advertising brochures or online, too many advisers list their expertise and services in language like these:

  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Investment portfolio design
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Continuance
  • Budgeting….

Apart from being dull and unimaginative this type of language doesn’t adequately explain what these things mean for many consumers.  So what advisers are often advertising as their core services remain vague in the target markets mind, which is not terribly effective.

If on the other hand those business lines or services were described in terms of the outcomes they produce for clients it begins to make a lot more sense and creates relevance.  It begins to tap into the power of “what customers want“, as opposed to what is perceived as maybe something that is needed…begrudgingly….maybe…

We should be advertising our services and expertise by describing what those services result in for the customer.  Such as:

  • Minimising tax & managing tax payments on time
  • Creating personal investment plan that isn’t too risky but produces what you want
  • Funds to provide for your family if you can’t
  • Creating a certain income for you if you get ill
  • Getting more free cash and knocking down debt fast

Essentially the things in this second list are the same as the things in the first list, but the difference is we are now describing what it is we do in a way that a consumer understands and wants.

Cut to the chase when it comes to describing your skills and expertise: tell people how you can improve their lives.  Talk about the stuff they want.  Talk about the outcomes you can create.

This will enable you to differentiate when marketing yourself and your skills, and generate real attention and interest.  That gives you a real chance to get some results from your marketing and advertising.

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