Does Your Voicemail Greeting Send the Right Message?

How many calls do you let go through to your voicemail each day? In an age where more and more professionals use their voicemail as their personal secretary, it is essential to have a voicemail greeting that is as polished and professional as you are. Take a look at the following tips to make sure your voicemail greeting sends the right message.

The Basics

The ideal greeting is short and to the point. Include a greeting with your name, company and position; a brief statement that you are unable to answer the phone at the moment; a request for the caller to leave a message; and if possible, a way to receive immediate assistance if needed (e.g. a receptionist or alternate department). This should all take no longer than twenty to twenty-five seconds. Remember: You’re likely to have many repeat callers, who would rather not listen to a lengthy message each time they call.

The Right Recording Environment

Ideally, ensure you have a quiet location before recording your greeting. While you may not notice the noise around you, background noise like ringing phones, chatting coworkers, or a noisy heating system will be very noticeable to your caller and make your greeting sound irritating and unprofessional. This background noise can also make your recording difficult to understand.

Keep It Clear

It doesn’t matter how well your greeting is crafted if no one can understand it! Speak at a relaxed pace and pronounce each and every sound of each word. Pay particular attention to the consonants at the ends of words.

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Practice Makes Perfect

For the smoothest greeting possible, write down what you want to say in advance. Then, read it out loud several times before recording, so that you can say the entire greeting without stumbling or taking unnatural pauses. Want more great tips? Check out our free resource , 16 Tips to Excel on the Phone !

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