Do You Use Creativity to Influence Sales?

You may wonder how a sales representative can be creative when given strict instructions on ‘how things ‘should’ be done?’ The first step is always to ignore the instruction, ‘should,’ and then move forward in your style!

Recently, a posted question was how do you set the price upfront when selling? I replied that I never did; instead, I spoke about the ‘Value’ I deliver. I then asked the prospective client to share their concerns, needs, and desires on the first appointment. 

Opening the Door One Footstep At A Time

And then I inquired about why they were seeking a new vendor – the door slowly opened! The missing value soon became apparent, plus I revealed what I could and could not deliver. The honesty intrigued prospects. 

My Turn to Speak

My opening remark was that we are not the least expensive and likely the most costly vendor. But in return, we deliver value to your liking. I then explained the process while addressing the current issues they were experiencing.


A new Manager went with me on a sales call only to kick me under the table. On the way back to the office, he vehemently declared that I needed to change my style or I would be fired. 

Back in the office, he asked if I understood every word. 

‘Yes, I said, but I have one question.’

‘What’s that?’ retorted the manager.

‘If I’m doing everything wrong, why am I always at the top of the sales scoreboard?’

End of story! Creativity x 10

My last sales job, selling high-end color copying equipment, saw me attempting a new strategy. Whenever I saw a photo that brought a smile, I would blow it up and put a unique phrase underneath:

Creativity Examples:

  1. Woman floating in a pool while on an inner tube: ‘Keep your business afloat.’ 
  2. A truck high in the limbs of a true: ‘Achieve new heights!’ 
  3. A picture of an unhappy frog with a baseball and bat: ‘Trying to Bat 1,000?’

‘Create your masterpiece today!’

I sent one of the above to my intended client roster each week. After three were sent and received, I called each prospect for an appointment. Each one said, ‘Please come in; we’re anxious to meet the person sending these!’ Their commentary influenced me to continue sending them.

In some cases, I sent many more flyers, and each one was decorating the walls of the offices. My competitors took one look to walk out, saying, ‘I can’t compete with that!’ 

Last Point per Creativity

The moment we hear, ‘You Should…’ is the moment we are to step away and do the opposite from everyone else. Why? Distinguishing oneself from everyone else creates an authentic and unique brand, enabling us to stand out from the crowded playing field. At that very moment, we have an extraordinary thought that scares others. Know that they are attempting to hold us back. It becomes the siren alerting us to walk away.

Your Story: Do You Use Creativity to Influence Sales?

Many are afraid to step out of line regarding instruction from management. But upon realizing what may be the ‘norm’ is not working for you, it’s time to reflect on how to up your game by using creativity to enable sales. 

Sales secrets include:

  1. Enjoying your conversations by sharing stories.
  2. Share experiences.
  3. Laughter calms nerves and directs all to a more cohesive path.

Most importantly, don’t attempt to be a model professional like everyone else. Copying others achieves little; instead, observe in detail what others are doing to stand out and create your identity. 

Often, people who spend time in the sales profession will eventually begin their entrepreneurship to do things their way. It’s all the more reason to realize what works well early in your career.

In Conclusion: Use Creativity to Influence Sales

Take the challenge this weekend to review how your year is going and whether you will meet your year-end quota plus bonuses. Should the answer be doubtful, consider changing your approach and interactions with prospective clientele. In this case, there is nothing to lose but much to gain.

Sales Tips: Use Creativity to Enable Sales

  1. Step aside to avoid mirroring the crowd.
  2. Establish a tagline symbolizing who you are.
  3. Develop your unique brand and messaging that attracts interest.
  4. Ensure all communications are consistent.
  5. How and what you communicate becomes your branding; ensure it excels.
  6. Realize that branding and marketing precede sales.
  7. Strive to build a returning and referring clientele to make your business book of business or company.
  8. Continually monitor what works well to embolden the strategy.
  9. Actively research technology updates to select the one(s) that may elevate advancements.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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