Do You Tolerate Risk Well?

No one enjoys a disaster or a new strategy that costs more than it produces income. On the other hand, it is a rarity for someone to accurately predict the outcome of success or failure. In between, we need to ask ourselves privately, ‘Do you tolerate risk well?’ 

Should your answer be negative, sales may not be a suitable profession, and operating a business will be a gut-wrenching experience. Somewhere in the middle, you can succeed if you are willing to contemplate, research, contemplate again, and then test the more likely option to succeed. 

Success in any endeavor requires that we pay attention to the markets, budgets, and shortcomings to realize where we may need to pay for assistance or which new tools to implement on our own. Sometimes it feels like we are walking a tightrope to reach the other end. Upon realizing a need for help to maximize a strategy, it’s wise to have a conversation and ask many questions to realize whether the other person’s approach will work for each of us. 

One extra step after the conversation is to reflect on the rhetoric used and the indications of whether to proceed. Most often, questions come to mind that require answering. It’s essential to determine the value and results of investments of all types, albeit training, becoming a business partner, or purchasing equipment and services for growth. 

The advancement of AI intrigues me, and its usage is evident on social media platforms. It’s essential to note what it provides, particularly upon considering getting help. The question today becomes, do I pay attention to the new or utilize traditional training? Sometimes we can use an online search to figure out better answers. 

I became more keenly aware of using AI to our benefit almost accidentally. Upon experimenting with Google Browser to research a relatively new AI stock plus companies implementing it into their programs, I was surprised by the system providing value predictions in 2025 and 2030. Are they accurate? Only time will tell. 

The reminder is that pros and cons exist everywhere, and we must weigh them carefully and test them within reasonable limits to avoid the slippery slope. Ultimately, we need to put our money where our intentions are and with critical thinking.

AI Enables Social Connections and Branding

One of the first decisions for participation on a new platform is whether we want a top-tier account or the standard type. Initially, it was time-consuming to realize how to utilize one specific platform best and attempt to grow my network connections. I took the free and snail’s pace way while observing the actions of others and the reception of varying posts. Years later, we now have AI to our benefit.

Using LinkedIn as an example, the system now provides targeted suggestions of whom to ask to connect, given my previous postings. An array of photos of the people with their names and titles appear. Upon clicking the image of each title of interest, we can quickly tell which ones may be the better fit. The system also suggests where to add my insights for a collaborative branding and marketing effort.

The bottom line for this platform is that AI technology is free of charge and available to all. Moreover, it dramatically reduces the time spent growing our networks. It’s well worth researching what you can do to acquire your desired results.

Twitter on the desktop operates in conjunction with the Phone app. Upon seeing a connection of interest on my desktop, I pull up the app on my phone. Visiting a person’s page to follow them (assuming they have a substantial following), a string of others in a similar field will often appear. You can decide whether to ‘follow all’ or follow the one person whose page you are visiting.

It’s wise to be prudent with investments, particularly in hiring the talent we may need. ‘May need’ is the operative expression. When services offer something of interest, it’s wise to compare our time investment versus the fees they charge to know which will provide better outcomes.

One Sales Strategy Applies Most Everywhere

‘Keep your eyes on your top three competitors.’

Maintain your authentic identity, but review what works best for them and adapt a unique strategy to your style if it meets your way of conducting business.

‘Consistency, Commitment, and Testing’

Do You Tolerate Risk Well?

Every story has two sides: concept, suggestion, and multiple angles. Before hiring anyone, reliving the conversation, the innuendos, and our perspective of everything we hear is vital. Only then can we make a more reliable decision and tolerate risk well or at least moderately.

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